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Attappady Comprehensive Tribal Development and Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group Development Project or CTPD for short is the project proposal to be implemented in Attappady, Palakad district of kerala, which has been passing through a developmental crisis where infant mortality deaths have been taking place unabatedly and the government machinery has been working untiringly to resolve the issue. The project aims at countering the present crisis and effectively lead to socio-economic development through the construction of strong social institutions of women and enable them to engage in micro-credit, sustainable livelihoods, upliftment of social status, accessing entitlements and rights and asserting agency as equal citizens in the development process. Attappady would also be the training ground for social inclusion and development work in similar marginalized and extremely vulnerable tribal areas of India. The experiences of collectivization, institution building and capacity building and building sustainable livelihoods can be upscaled.

Attappady is a predominantly tribal block in Palakad district of Kerala and borders Tamilnadu. Attappady has seen the implementation of multiplicity of developmental projects from the Kunta, Malliswara to the Area Hill Development Authority project for eco-restoration to economic development of the impoverished block. Despite the crores of rupees which have been invested into the area, the social indicators place Attapady in contradiction to the developmental indicators of kerala. A host of issues like infant mortality, child marriages, starvation, high level of anaemia among women, undernourished children, alcoholism, domestic violence, drop-out from education, loss of livelihood, land alienation place Attapady in the most marginalized and vulnerable category requiring imminent and consistent attention from the government machinery. Perhaps the single-most important contributory factor to the child malnutrition deaths, and the cause for the overwhelming poverty of the adivasis, which fails to beaddressed to date, is the alienation of land and minoritisation of the adivasis in Attappady.While historically Attappady was an almost exclusively tribal dominated area,inhabited by three distinct tribal communities, viz. the Irulas, the Mudugas and the Kurumbas, they are now the minority population in the face of waves of migration of ‘vandavasis’ from Tamil Nadu and Kerala into Attappady from the beginning ofthe second quarter of the 20th century.

  • Supportive and creative learning spaces


    There is paucity in the learning spaces for children within the houses due to domestic violence caus

  • Residential Bridge Courses for drop-out children


    Residential bridge courses of 6 months to one year duration will be conducted for the children who a

  • Sports, arts and cultural activities for children


    Sports, arts and cultural activities can be taken up for the children and balsabhas initiated by the

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