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About The Project

The project in Attappady would be taken up under the Innovation fund of the NRLP programme for a period of seven years. The project would be an innovation and pilot from which lessons can be learnt for the most vulnerable primitive tribal communities in the country. The formation of resource group of community resource persons and creation of a cadre of thematic experts in social development, institution building and capacity building, education, health, gender issues, etc. along with language proficiency can support the up scaling of the programme to other parts of the community. The resource hub would be the pivotal point for collectivization and institution building, discussion and awareness building on all entitlements.

The community resource persons and the resource groups of women would be trained to undertake institution building and capacity building work among other vulnerable tribal communities of the country. The Attappady project can extend training for women from the vulnerable tribal communities in institution building and enhance their capacities to express their voices, assert their agency and develop awareness of their entitlements and through their institutions be able to claim the entitlements. The institutional architecture can be developed to enable the most deprived communities to be able to gradually engage in thrift activities and benefit from the micro-credit activities and build up sustainable livelihoods. Social development aspects like health, education, gender issues, etc. can be taken up through the institutions. Modules and methodology would be developed to systematically build up the capacity of the community cadre.

Our Vision

The project aims to alleviate the social and economic status of Irula, Muduga and Kurumba tribal communities of Attapadi. Sustainable livelihoods like agriculture and allied activities need to be developed where the community can be self-reliant. Women,s institutions would be built up strongly to be able to lead towards total financial inclusion leading towards poverty alleviation and social development.

Training PRI's

It is highly essential to have an orientation of the elected representatives in order to gain convergence and ensure that the needs which arise from the gramsabha are taken to the working group and into the tribal sub-plan and the implementation is done effectively. The elective representatives need to be sensitized to the needs of the community.

Our Training

The training would enable to achieve convergence with various departments. The programme can be elucidated and the women’s institution can be linked with the implementation of the various programmes and the schemes.

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