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  • Supportive and creative learning spaces


    There is paucity in the learning spaces for children within the houses due to domestic violence caused as a result of alcoholism. The children lag behind in studies as they are not able to cope with the strained atmosphere within the homes. The community hall would also be converted into supportive learning spaces for children and a facilitator would be given the responsibility of activating the educational process. A group of teachers from each school can be asked to volunteer to support the educational activities of children each weekend and follow it up in the panchayat level community hall or schools for the tenth standard. In oorus where the drop-out rates are high, the beginning of the special learning centres would be ensured and the ooru based institution would ensure the functioning of the ooru-based institution and the supportive learning centres. There would be thorough monitoring of the centres so that the educational standards are met and the quality of learning is good. 

  • Residential Bridge Courses for drop-out children


    Residential bridge courses of 6 months to one year duration will be conducted for the children who are dropped out to be integrated into mainstream education. The courses will also equip children with life-skills and the ability to cope up with the language barriers in the mainstream schools.

  • Sports, arts and cultural activities for children


    Sports, arts and cultural activities can be taken up for the children and balsabhas initiated by the oorubased and panchayat based institutions to build up collectives of children where they have the forum for creative expressions and performances and expression of various talents. It is also a forum to enhance social consciousness and involve in the democratic process. 

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